Nouveau Chic, mechanically elegant and vintage with a contemporary flair are a few phrases used to describe the signature look of Nick Alain. With a penchant for design, we have created an expansive line of lighting, clocks, and furniture that is highly artful, transcending time and trends.

Setting our own high standard, our designs are not easily categorized, creating a body of work that is decidedly distinctive. Nick Alain’s unique point of view is enhanced by our extensive travels and unique artist backgrounds.

Nick’s passion and knowledge of craftsmanship enhances his abilities to create pieces that are both mechanical  yet delicate in structure, with a unique  blend of distinctive mediums, proportions and colors.

Handcrafted in the USA since its inception, Nick Alain has created the perfect fusion of industrial Steam Punk with a classic twist of delicate sophistication, inspiring retailers and designers from all over the world.